Judging Criteria Crucial to Competitor Success Understanding the judging criteria process will ensure that athletes are properly prepared to compete in INBF & WNBF sanctioned events. Judging Criteria Varies Each division has specific criteria; knowing specifically what the judges are looking for will help competitors avoid penalties, particularly if they are competing in more than one division. Scroll below to click the criteria tabs for each category. QUICK CRITERIA GUIDE. SCROLL BELOW FOR DETAILED JUDGING CRITERIA

Body building

Men and women in the Bodybuilding Divisions will be judged through a series of poses that will allow the judges to evaluate not only individual body parts, but also the “whole package.”

Men wear a bodybuilding posing suit; women wear a two-piece bodybuilding suit with or without embellishments.

Athletes are judged in two rounds:

  • Symmetry – Encompasses the overall balance of a physique
  • Muscularity – Muscle mass, proportion, conditioning, and definition of the physique

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Division Judging Criteria.


The Bikini Division is a women’s physique division designed to find athletes with a fit
and shapely body that is not heavily muscled or over defined.

A traditional two-piece bikini posing suit is worn and may be multi-colored or solid, and embellishments and jewelry is permitted.  Shoes are required but height of heels is optional.

  • Bikini divisions are height based and split according to athlete numbers keeping events competitive but fair.

Competition Bikini Suits

  • “Micro Pro”, “Scoop”, or other suits with minimal glute coverage are not allowed.
  • “Pro Cut” or “Brazilian” cut or suits that provide more coverage are preferred    

Competitors are judged in two (2) rounds:

  • Round 1
    • Fitness and balance in the Bikini division is achieved through a lightly muscled and not overly lean or hard appearing physique as compared to Figure, Fit Body, or Bodybuilding.
    • One hand placed on the hip on front and side poses
    • Hands shall be placed on the thighs on the back pose
    • Hair shall be swept to the front and lats lightly flared forward to display nice shape on the back pose
  • Round 2
    • Physical Appearance refers to the overall appearance of the athlete.  Stage presentation, hair, tanning, make up, and suit choice are encompassed in this round.
    • Ties are broken in round 2